Keep Jesus The Center Of Your Life

The Flat Earth Society Members claim to believe that the Earth is flat. I mean, they really actually believe it. And in their belief, they resist and contradict all evidence to the contrary. They refute all satellite photos of Earth showing it as a sphere, as a lie from the “round Earth conspiracy”. They believe that everything being put forth by NASA and other governmental agencies is all untrue. I mean, after all, if you go outside for a walk or a drive, the earth does look and feel flat.

Years ago after Columbus did NOT sail off the edge of the earth and after the Flat Earth theory was disproved, mankind then believed that the Earth was the center of creation. The Earth was at the center and the Sun revolved around it. But of course, our age genius’s that we are, has learned better and discovered that our world works much better when the Sun is at the center of focus and the Earth revolves around it instead. So today, we tend to think that both Flat Earthers and those who think the Earth is the center of the universe are deluded and deceived.

The sad thing is that on a Spiritual level, the people of our world are still deluded and deceived. They falsely believe that their world is the center of their universe and the SON revolves around it. We all need the revelation that the only true way to have a properly balanced world, is when the SON, Jesus, is at the center of it all. When we allow everything to revolve around Him, everything has a way of balancing and spins to perfection. The answer to the confusion in your world plan, is to allow Jesus to be the center of it.

Rev. Edward Whitmire is pastor at Pentecostals of Robinson County located in Hearne, Texas