The Power Of Witnessing

God’s will for the church in giving us the Holy Spirit is NOT just so we can be saved. And it most certainly is not God’s will that you be a Holy Spirit filled nobody. It is His will for us as an individual that we are to be an active force rather than a passive non impacting nonentity. It is not God’s will for us to just be safe and comfortable sitting on a church pew and saying, “I’ve got it!”

If we have this Holy Ghost, then Take it. If we have it, then Preach it. If we have it, let’s Teach it. If we have it, Go and make disciples with it! Actually, we really have no choice. We must evangelize or fossilize. We must share this gospel or die. We must proclaim his blessings or lose them. Each of us has been given a command to reproduce ourselves in the lives of others. That has been God’s way from the beginning. That is His plan for us today. When He saves us, it is not only we as an individual that He has in mind. It is all those we know and all those we can reach.

The Lord had Paul in mind when he saved Stephen. He had Apollos in mind when He saved Aquila. When God saved you, He had someone else in mind as well. There is at least one, someone you would be able to win to the Lord. The question is… Have you contacted that person yet? Have you introduced them to the Jesus that you know so well? Time is running out. We have got to share Jesus. Now.

You just never know the impact your witness will have. Miriam built a basket and saved the baby Moses. The man, Moses went on to be an instrument to the saving of his nation! Sometimes it’s not the perceived value of the vessel being used, but that which is waiting within the vessel. Though you may think yourself small, there is the potential for greatness within you. It’s time to let that greatness out! Don’t be selfish. Don’t be greedy. Don’t hide what you
have been given. It’s time to share this wonderful truth. It’s time to let your friend in on the glorious friend and savior
we know as the Christ. Jesus is both who and what, the people you know… are searching for. You have it. Now. Give it.

Rev. Edward Whitmire is pastor at Pentecostals of Robinson County located in Hearne, Texas

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