Thankful For The Day

I am so very Thankful! God has been good to me. I am so blessed. And I am grateful. My wife and I seem to be continually bombarded with needs, and hurts and problems and sorrows. We both come from large families and both our families are very close. It is because there are so many of us and that we love each other so much, that there are so many problems. It is because we love that we feel the pain. The more you love, the more you feel. But the only alternative is not to love. And that my friend is no life at all. So, I say it again, we are blessed and we are thankful!

The enemy of your soul wants you to isolate yourselves from any kind of interacting relationships with others. He wants you to believe this is the way to avoid all the pain. But avoiding love’s sweet pain is no life at all. It’s simply existing.

Instead of focusing on the problems, turn your eyes upon all the blessings. Enjoy what you DO have and stop fretting about what you don’t. Take joy in the blessings, the smiles, the touches and the sights of the things that today brings. Experiencing life is more about the journey and much less about a destination. We are all destined to pass from this life, so take a look around and enjoy the ones that you’re with. Don’t let the things that have happened in your past, prevent you from enjoying the opportunity you have with those you are with. Love one another. Share your smile with one another. Speak kind words with one another. Bless one another. And enjoy one another. Yesterday will never come again. You can never go back. But even so, Today will never come again after it is gone. Take advantage of the time. Love one another and remember. You are blessed!

Rev. Edward Whitmire is pastor at Pentecostals of Robinson County located in Hearne, Texas

Pentecostals of Hearne

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Hearne, TX 77859

(979) 220-3317

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Thursday 7:30 PM

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Saturday 7:30 PM

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