The Store

I have all my roots in a small community. I went to school in a small town, but I was raised in little place called Snuff Ridge. After my wife and I got married, I moved to a little place called Plum Grove where she had been born and raised. Both of these places had a lot in common. Both places were out in the Piney Woods and both places had a little wooden, white framed country store. Sure, they had names, but most of us simply called them “The Store”.

You could drive into town and get a lot bigger variety. You could drive into town and get cheaper gas. You could drive into town and buy the same things off the shelf for a lot cheaper price as well. But here’s the thing. To get those things cheaper, you had to make the drive into town. ”The Store” was local. ”The Store” was ours. “The Store” belonged in our community. “The Store” was us. And we all understood that for ”Our Store” to stay open and be available for us when we needed it, required us paying the price for it’s products. It also required that we go to it and support it with our presence.

Just in case you’re wondering, this article has nothing to do with our little country store where I grew up. It has nothing to do with all the great memories of all the good times, stories and interacting fellowship we had there. Instead, it has everything to do with our church where we worship. If we want a place to dedicate our babies, marry our kids and bury our loved ones… we all have to pay the price to support it. Sure, that requires our tithes and offerings, but far more than that, it requires our faithful presence. I hear that statistics show a downward trend in people NOT attending church. We must not allow that trend to be a part of our lives. Our faithful worship is vital for the continued growth and effectiveness of this church. We have services at 10 and 6 on Sundays and meet together for some great teaching on Thursday evenings at 7:30. And oh yeah, We’ll have the lights on for you.

Rev. Edward Whitmire is pastor at Pentecostals of Robinson County located in Hearne, Texas

Pentecostals of Hearne

11459 W US Highway 79
Hearne, TX 77859

(979) 220-3317

Service Times

Children & Select Ministries 10:00 AM
Worship & Ministry 10:45 AM

Thursday 7:30 PM

Fellowship Hall:
Reaching for Excellence
Kids Are Awesome” aged 4-11 “
Acts Chapter 29” aged 12-18

Saturday 7:30 PM

Focused Prayer