Things Children Say

If you know much of anything about children, you know that you don’t have to teach them the bad things. They just seem to get it by osmosis. Actually, a lot of it they don’t even have to learn at all. It’s because those negative traits are IN each of us. It’s called the flesh.

A grandparent was telling me about a new word their little grandchild learned this past week. It made me think about first words of toddlers. Some of them are great, like “Mama” or “Daddy”. Some of them are not so great, like “No”. There is another word that comes along and sadly, it lasts a lifetime. Can you guess? That word is “Mine”. What’s even worse, it usually comes with an exclamation mark! When it comes to these new humans we call children, we don’t have to teach them to “Claim It”, but we do have to teach them to “Share It”.

The same thing is true when it comes to those who have been born again. They have become babes in Christ and some of their first focus is on receiving. Receiving from God is not a bad thing. Unless… that’s all your focus. Receiving is not inherently evil. We all NEED to receive from God. But we also need to understand that God has a higher purpose in giving to us than for us just to get. His purpose in giving to us, is so that we can give to others.

When pastors are called upon and expected to do for others that which they themselves have been called and equipped to do, it hurts that individual and the growth of the kingdom of God as a whole. Pastors have been called to equip the church for works of service. This means that all church members’ responsibility is to serve and not just to receive. If we are blessed to sit on a church pew, we need to ask ourselves, “When I come to church, am I a customer or am I an owner? Do I just get or do I give? Am I just served or do I serve others?”

It’s great to be alive! But God also wants our life to count. So, grow yourself. Grow someone else. And grow your church! Stop coming to church for what you can GET. Instead, start coming to church for what you can GIVE. It is only then that you can become what God is calling you to be, and His church can become what He has called it to be!

Rev. Edward Whitmire is pastor at Pentecostals of Robinson County located in Hearne, Texas

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