Thankful In All Things

When I was just a young teenager, there was a woman who lived a ways up the road from us. As a kid, we used to say that She had a wienie dog. His name was Charlie. I knew that because they lived up on the hill and I could hear her call for Charlie to come back home. The way she said Charlie, it sounded like “Cholly”. And when she called, her voice got higher and higher pitched until it was almost a scream. “Here Cholly, Cholly, Cholly, CHOLLY, CHOLLY!” If the truth be told, I don’t think she was quite all together “there”. What I mean is she was a little bit mentally challenged. At any rate, whether she was or not, we all could learn from how she testified and gave thanks to God.

First of all, she was loud and she was unashamed. She wanted God to know she was thankful and she wanted everyone else to know as well. She gave thanks on two levels.

  1. She was thankful for what God had DONE that she had seen. i.e. She was thankful for healing her. Thankful for his deliverance. Thankful for guiding the doctor’s hands. Thankful God’s blessings. Thankful for the food on their table. She was thankful for her husband. Thankful for her kids. (Both grown, living at home and mentally challenged).

2) But she was also thankful for all the things that had NOT HAPPENED to her. She was thankful for NOT having diabetes. She was thankful for NOT having high blood pressure. She was thankful for NOT having a              stroke. She was thankful for NOT having a heart attack. AND she would go on a while about all those things!

As a kid, I always thought is was funny to listen to her go on about what had not happened! BUT… NOW I wonder how God felt about it. We can get so fixated on what God has allowed into our lives that we don’t even have a clue about all the things He has kept us FROM! We would do well to be thankful!

Rev. Edward Whitmire is pastor at Pentecostals of Robinson County located in Hearne, Texas

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