Are You Feeling Used?

Being “USED” has such a negative connotation in today’s society. It seems that one of the things people like the least, is to feel like they have been used. It gives an abusive feel to whatever the situation is. However, the word actually has more meanings than that negative one most people pick up on. In fact, “” has three definitions of the word:
1) previously used or owned; secondhand: (nope)
2) showing wear or being worn out: (no way)
3) employed for a purpose; to be utilized: (YES!!!)

While it’s true, none of us want to be used in a negative sense. All of us ought to want to be used in a positive sense. For instance, if I am on any kind of sports team and they are choosing those who are going to be the starting players, IWANT TO BE USED! If they are choosing those who are going to be demonstrating a new car and then get it for free, I WANT TO BE USED! If they are choosing who is going to be used to see what they can do with a million dollars, I WANT TO BE USED! So, perhaps you can see what I’m talking about. Being used is not necessarily a bad thing.

When it comes to things in the kingdom of God, being used is a blessed thing. If you have talents, allow God to use them. If you have gifts, volunteer them to be used. If you have skills, knowledge or finances, there’s no fun in hoarding them. Use them! And allow God to use you. It is only when you are actively involved in being used, that you will have any kind of lasting satisfaction. So, don’t just be a watcher, or a whiner. Get involved and be willing to be used. It is only then that you can truly Make Your Life to Count.

Rev. Edward Whitmire is pastor at Pentecostals of Robinson County located in Hearne, Texas

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