Pull Out The Big Guns

We were so privileged to have an amazingly powerful move of the spirit this past Sunday. I over heard someone say, “And just think, I almost stayed home!” They went on to say, “I am so thankful that I made the effort to come. Just think what I would have missed.” We must be faithful to the house of God, for our own sake. We never know when God is going to move in such a way that we just can’t live without it. If they had not come, they would not have experienced the wonder of God presence and neither would they have heard the call to pull out the big guns!

The single most powerful tool we have in our arsenal is one we probably value the least. It is that which the Lord has done for us. Our Testimony is incontrovertible. People may try to argue and twist the scripture, but there is no denying experience. The good thing about your experience, those things that God has done for you is that you don’t have to study to be able to share them. However, you do have to SHARE THEM. God has done great things for each of us, not just so we could be blessed, but so we can be a blessing to others. We must know who Jesus is! But, we also must share who Jesus is!

Your testimony will make all the difference. It’s time to tell somebody what the Lord has done for you! God both desires and commands us to go to church. But even more importantly than GOING to church, God wants us to BE the church. He not only wants us to be the Hope of the world, He wants us to be the Help for the world. We can not do that by merely going to church. We have to take our faith, our victory and our work, OUTSIDE the church. The best way for us to do that is by the voice of our TESTIMONY. It is the “Big Guns” that will blow away even the best argument from even the most hardened heart. Go out and tell someone what Jesus has done for you.

Rev. Edward Whitmire is pastor at Pentecostals of Robinson County located in Hearne, Texas

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