Freely You’ve Received Freely You Give

There is a tremendous difference between having been Spirit-filled and being God-focused and having been Spirit-filled and being self-focused. It is the difference between daylight and dark!

If we are ever going to grow up into God, we have got to get over our self. Somehow, we need to understand that God didn’t empower us with the Holy Spirit in order for us to live happy, prosperous lives filled with never-ending excitement, joy, and contentment. No. What He DID fill us with the Holy Spirit for and empower us with strength, holiness and a wisdom that only comes from God… IS to help us reach the lost. God wants us to be soul winners. God desires for us to be His hands and touch people where they live. God wants us to be His voice and speak His Word into their hearts. God wants us to be His feet and take ourselves into their homes. God wants us to be his heart and love them unconditionally!

Yes. It is true that we will feel joy. We will feel an excitement and we will feel content! But these are by-products of obedience to the will and purpose of God for our lives. These things come from accomplishing God’s plan. Let me share with you a small example. If my wife is away from her family. She is not completely happy. She is only truly content when she is able to be with them, listen to them and serve among them. It is much the same way with us. We can never be truly happy and content until we are fulfilling God’s plan for our lives.

What IS His plan for our lives now that we are believers, born again by the water and the Spirit and filled with his incredible saving grace? Jesus said it very clearly in Matthew 10:8 “Freely ye have recieved; Freely give.”

Rev. Edward Whitmire is pastor at Pentecostals of Robinson County located in Hearne, Texas

Pentecostals of Hearne

11459 W US Highway 79
Hearne, TX 77859

(979) 220-3317

Service Times

Children & Select Ministries 10:00 AM
Worship & Ministry 10:45 AM

Thursday 7:30 PM

Fellowship Hall:
Reaching for Excellence
Kids Are Awesome” aged 4-11 “
Acts Chapter 29” aged 12-18

Saturday 7:30 PM

Focused Prayer